• In 2025, downtown Conway offers a variety of housing options: townhomes, apartments, single family housing and loft developments.  Attractive developments have access to development incentives.
  • In 2025, Simon Park is a destination and home to an interactive water feature.
    There hasn’t been any measurable action toward this goal. The community needs to determine if this is still a priority.
  • In 2025, St Joseph Parish and School are well integrated into the design and activities of downtown Conway.
  • In 2025, downtown Conway is a regional destination.В  It is home to a hotel, convention center performing arts complex and other entertainment venues.В  The community’s higher education institutions are active and visible downtown.
  • In 2025, renovation and new construction projects have been built to a standard spelled out in a master plan of development for downtown.
    New projects in downtown must comply with standards consistent with urban development in the Old Conway Design Overlay pattern book. The Markham corridor has been master planned for appropriate development. And new developments on the southeast corner of Oak and Harkrider will be built to a new urban standard.
  • In 2025, buildings downtown are preserved or removed responsibly.

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