• In 2025, Interstate 40 provides an attractive view of Conway to drivers.В  Lake Conway provides an attractive southern entrance feature to the city for drivers on I-40.В  Property owners collaborate to keep the corridor well maintained. Landscaping and aesthetic elements are incorporated into highway infrastructure.
    The Chamber has developed a master plan for the interstate corridor. All bridge improvements since 2009 have integrated consistent and higher quality design elements.
  • In 2025, Conway has an established program requiring that trees cut down for construction projects are replaced.
  • In 2025, Conway’s commercial buildings are built to a scale that is consistent with nearby buildings.
  • In 2025, Conway has addressed billboard signs in a way that is attractive to visitors and residents.
  • In 2025, the former Conway Airport site has been redeveloped.В  It is an asset to the Oak Street corridor and surrounding neighborhoods.В  The City of Conway, Conway Development Corporation and other community partners have implemented a plan for the highest and best use of the property.
    A mixed-use development, including several hundred thousand square feet of retail space, has been approved by the city council for this location. In September of 2014, voters overwhelmingly approved a bond issue that will provide the necessary infrastructure.
  • In 2025, Conway is recognized by residents and visitors as having little to no litter.В  This is due to regular volunteer efforts, city ordinances and required waste infrastructure.

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