• In 2025, the citizens of Conway are able to cross the railroad tracks safely and efficiently throughout town.
    The Salem overpass opened in 2010, relieving one of the most congested railroad crossings.
  • In 2025, Conway drivers have multiple routes for traveling east and west across the city.
    Sixth Street will be extended over the interstate landing at Amity and Elsinger in 2016. There are plans to widen and extend Siebenmorgen. Additional alternate routes and potential interstate overpasses should be identified.
  • In 2025, Highways 64 and 65 are connected by multiple routes, reducing unnecessary local traffic in Conway.
    The mayor and County Judge are currently requesting that the Arkansas Highway Department conduct a “corridor” study identifying the optimal route for a 64/65 connector.
  • In 2025, Conway’s stoplights are managed in an efficient and coordinated fashion.

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