• In 2025, most of downtown Conway’s utility infrastructure is underground.
  • In 2025, downtown Conway has multiple parking decks to accommodate shoppers, employees, visitors and residents.
    The lack of a foreseeable parking deck is now impacting the ability to recruit new businesses and residential projects to downtown. The Conway Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce, City of Conway, Conway Downtown Partnership and community should determine if this is still a priority.
  • In 2025, downtown drainage issues have been remedied, in part, by improvements made along Markham and Spencer Streets.В  These improvements are both effective and aesthetically pleasing.
  • In 2025, Conway’s downtown improvements have dedicated and reliable sources of revenue.
    In November of 2013, the Central Business Improvement District was approved by the city council and downtown property owners. This will generate $100K annually for downtown improvements. Since 2010, Toad Suck Daze has contributed $65K toward downtown improvements.

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