• In 2025, Conway is a community that actively encourages minority populations to participate and excel in the arts.
  • In 2025, Conway has dedicated organizations and/or staff responsible for arts leadership.
    Currently, volunteers are required to sustain the arts community in Conway. The community should determine if this is still a priority and what opportunities could be created with paid staff.
  • In 2025, there is an up-to-date and accurate registry of local arts organizations, artist’s guilds and contacts.
  • In 2025, Conway benchmarks its arts activities against similar cities with thriving arts communities.В  Conway is identified as a “city of the arts.”
  • In 2025, Conway has a location for arts and crafts studios.В  Space is available at attractive rates to resident artists.В  The location hosts “open to the public” events where visitors can watch artists work.
  • In 2025, there is live/work space available to artists who want to live downtown.
  • In 2025, artists of every medium have full access to city and community services/opportunities.
  • In 2025, Conway area schools have access to Arts education scholarships, bringing more arts into the schools.
  • In 2025, UCA, Hendrix and CBC offer a rich arts curriculum that offer classes, internships and projects that involve students with community arts.
  • In 2025, Conway is host to at least one festival or events that highlights and celebrates traditional minority art forms (music, theatre, etc.)

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