• In 2025, information about parks resources, programs, facilities, etc. is available to users through smart phones and social media.
  • In 2025, local art is featured in Conway parks.
    Public art has been included in a number of recent park projects. However, most installations have not been created by local artists.
  • In 2025, every park in Conway has area dedicated to nature and wildlife.
  • In 2025, Conway has a variety of park products, including parks designed for special needs children, dog parks, recreational parks geared toward adults and small neighborhood parks.
    Over the last four years, the city of Conway has added an amazingly diverse range of parks products. Niche use, dog parks and urban plazas have added variety to our parks infrastructure.
  • In 2025, Conway’s parks are safe and efficiently operated. Interruptions for maintenance or closures are rare.
  • In 2025, Conway’™s parks system offers programming that promotes education and development.
  • In 2025, Conway parks have consistent signage and branding that educates and informs users.
    The A&P Commission will complete a comprehensive “wayfinding” sign study in December 2014/January 2015. The study will establish a sign standard for public use signs.
  • In 2025, Conway parks, paths and trails promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.
    The Hendrix Creek Preserve is a model of education and sustainability. The Tucker Creek and Stone Dam Creek trails offer an equal opportunity.

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