• In 2025, Conway has regular and reliable public transportation that has grown over time. The system is a result of a Metroplan transportation study. It has reliable funding and is well used. It is integrated with other transit systems in the Little Rock metro area.
    The community needs to decide if this is still a priority for Conway. A study was released in 2014 that discussed the feasibility/demand of an express bus service between Conway and Little Rock.
  • In 2025, local officials allocate land for the purpose of public transportation infrastructure.В  This land may be home to public “wait stations”, rail, additional lanes, carpool lots, etc.
  • In 2025, alternative energy sources play a significant role in our public transportation.
  • In 2025, all regional transit providers collaborate and share resources.В  Existing transportation programs for youth, elderly and disabled offer expanded service and access to all populations. They are integrated into regional public transportation networks.
  • In 2025, area colleges, universities, major employers, hospitals and schools are financial partners in sustaining public transportation.
    As public transportation decisions are made, these entities need to be involved.
  • In 2025, downtown is prepared to serve as a hub for regional public transportation.

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