• In 2025, the City of Conway has a capital budget for public safety. The fire and police departments have a well maintained fleet of vehicles and equipment that address the demands of a city of our size.
      The 2012 bond issue enabled the Conway Fire Department to purchase five engines and two aerial/ladder trucks. By 2015, the oldest front line fire apparatus will be 8 years old with a 15-year life expectancy. The City of Conway dedicated $500K annually for police vehicles. By the end of the year, the Conway Police Department will have 32 CNG patrol vehicles.


  • In 2025, our police and fire departments are fully staffed and meet or exceed our existing levels of service.


  • In 2025, our public safety professionals are demographically representative of Conway’s population.
      The Conway Fire Department recently outlined a plan for recruitment to better represent the demographics of the city. The police department has gone from one minority officer in 2007 to 7 minority officers in 2014.


  • In 2025, our police and fire departments are recognized for meeting and exceeding national standards.
    ⇒  Conway Police Department completed its third reaccreditation in 2013. The department was accredited under the gold standard assessment and was the first in Arkansas to do so.


  • In 2025, Conway has seen a steady decrease in the property crimes for the last 15 years.


  • In 2025, public safety professionals have access to timely information about commercial structures, their contents and operations.
    ⇒  In 2014, the Conway Fire Department purchased and installed Mobile Data Terminals in all front line apparatuses. These on-board computes included occupant information in relation to commercial structures, content and their operational use.


  • In 2025, the Conway Fire Department has a thriving fire prevention program.


  • In 2025, the Conway Police Department uses up to date technology to track, respond to and prevent crimes.


  • In 2025, Conway citizens and public safety professionals have above average satisfaction with their ambulance service.


⇒  Accomplished

⇒  Some progress, but still requires action

⇒  No measurable action taken

  • http://www.facebook.com/adena.white Adena J. White

    Conway is now one step closer to some of the goals outlined here thanks to the passing of the sales tax rededication on Feb. 14.