• In 2025, public buildings (hospital, schools, nonprofits, municipal, county) are committed to incorporating art into their design.  They also serve as a place for local artists to exhibit their work.
      Local artists are featured prominently in the new airport terminal. Conway City Hall has a regular rotation of local art initiatives on display.


  • In 2025, Conway has accurate information assessing the local economic impact of the arts.


  • In 2025, the arts community regularly receives financial support from the business community, private grants and public bodies.
      ArtsFest receives regular funding from the Convention and Visitors Bureau. The CVB and Chamber have also supported the installation of nationally significant public art displays.


  • In 2025, Conway regularly identifies possible public art projects (electrical boxes could be painted, sculptures in roundabouts, murals, neighborhood gateways, etc.).
      Downtown added murals in 2011 and 2012.


  • In 2025, Conway is recognized as a city that values diversity. There are regular campaigns and efforts to educate residents about minority issues. Inclusion is a priority during public decision making.
      Arkansas Shakespeare Theater has hosted a panel on racial politics in Othello as well as a panel on gender. In 2015, AST will address religious intolerance.


⇒  Accomplished

⇒  Some progress, but still requires action

⇒  No measurable action taken

  • johnny cole

    How about 3D art displays in downtown Conway.It could be on the wall of a building, a sidewalk or on a street. It could be large like the mural at Simon Park or it could be the size of a window. I’m not aware of any city in Ar that has any 3D art displays. I think it would enhance tourism and bring people to Conway. Google 3D art on buildings, sidewalks, and streets and I think you will be impressed.

  • johnny cole

    Conway the city of three colleges and 3D art.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=55010548 Bobby M. Kelly III

    Assessing the local economic impact of the arts is something I’m looking forward to.

  • Jim

    I like Johnny’s idea of 3D art displays. We need more. And more squares with large water fountains with sculptures around them, such as you see in European cities. Fountains are fantastic, relaxing and beautiful. Put benches around them and some grassy areas where people can lay down and read or whatever and people will love it and probably begin congregating there over time.

    Also, the city of Conway should commission a large public mural to be painted on some large public exterior or interior. The contest could be held every year, every other year or once every three years maybe. It could be a contest where submissions are accepted from artists around Arkansas or around the south and the award could be maybe five thousand dollars or so, I don’t know the going rate but it would be a worthwhile investment. But more Professionally done murals around the city could add a lot of color and character to the city. People love looking at bright, colorful murals if they’re well done and visually compelling and thought provoking- and of course joyful.