• In 2025, Conway has an airport that is safe and meets the expectations and business needs of the community.
      The new airport opened in September of 2014. The runway is longer with a safety buffer. There are sites for aviation-related development. The terminal will accommodate all aviation-related business needs.


  • In 2025, Conway has plans for future development of high traffic or high visibility corridors (Donaghey, Oak Street, Old Morrilton Highway, Markham Street, etc.). These plans were developed with public input and address aesthetics and beautification.
      The University of Central Arkansas is working with the city to develop a traffic plan that will accommodate more than $20 million in projects taking place on Donaghey Avenue. The City and Chamber are working with AHTD to plan improvements to Oak Street that address capacity, while still developing attractively.


  • In 2025, Conway citizens actively participate in local, state and federal public hearings about highway improvements.


⇒  Accomplished

⇒  Some progress, but still requires action

⇒  No measurable action taken

  • admin

    Visitor comments will go here but will ran through Disqus so anyone w/ a Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID account can be validated and post comments. All comment moderation will be the responsibility of the chamber… This should serve as an awesome tool to encourage discussion.

  • Jamie Gates

    All who follow: let’s track our progress and schedule our next moves using these comments. It’s gonna be a great way to hold ourselves accountable as we put this plan to work.

    • Cotton Rohrscheib

      Totally agree! This should be a very effective tool for sparking dialogue in the community.

  • Jim

    Great website and much needed. A roundabout in front of the north side Wal-Mart would help ease traffic congestion a lot. Hwy 65 might end at that intersection, I’m not sure, so the permission of the state might be required. But it would save money on fuel for motorists (no more stopping and idling for minutes at a time) as well as electricity costs for the city (no lights to energize). And it would save time for commuters and prevent stress and headaches there as well. The roundabouts around Hendrix are fantastic. They’ve cut 5 minutes off of my morning commute.

  • http://www.phillipfletcher.org Phillip Fletcher

    What efforts can be made to begin the possibility of public transportation?

    • Jamie Gates

      I know that the topic will be discussed within the Keep Arkansas Moving sector.