• In 2025, most Conway neighborhoods and subdivisions have active neighborhood watch programs.


  • In 2025, Conway citizens are informed about the spectrum of medical services offered by the fire department and take advantage of those services.
      The Conway Fire Department recently developed ConwayFD.com to help keep citizens informed.


  • In 2025, Conway citizens have access to crime prevention best practices and education from law enforcement.


  • In 2025, Conway police officers are highly visible and are regularly seen in neighborhoods.


⇒  Accomplished

⇒  Some progress, but still requires action

⇒  No measurable action taken

  • Jim

    Here’s an energy efficient idea that would help Conway install more public lighting for increased safety while saving lots of money in the process: connected LED lighting throughout the city.


    Yes, it would cost money in the short term. But the long term cost savings would be pretty huge and would make it worthwhile.