• In 2025, Conway’s economic development operations have adequate and reliable funding.  Leadership from the City, Conway Corporation, Conway Development Corporation and Chamber partner to identify appropriate funding strategies.
      The Conway Development Corporation has diversified funding streams for operations. Through contracts for services and open memberships, they have become less reliant on land sales to meet budget.


  • In 2025, Conway has attractive, fully served industrial sites that are under control and readily available to high-wage manufacturers.
      Conway has a limited amount of industrially zoned acreage. Most sites are too small to attract major employers. The community should work with the county and neighboring jurisdictions to identify viable sites.


  • In 2025, Conway partners with neighboring communities to prepare and develop large industrial sites (300+ acres) that serve the regional workforce.


  • In 2025, Conway has attractive, fully served office/technology park sites that are under control and readily available to white collar companies.
    ⇒  The Meadows Office and Technology Park has 100+ acres of developable land remaining. The Central Landing development also has the potential to accommodate office users.


  • In 2025, Conway markets itself to site selection consultants through partnerships with AEDC and the Metro LR Alliance.  The CDC also executes targeted marketing campaigns towards companies that may not use consultants.


  • In 2025, Conway has actively recruited and/or grown successful minority owned businesses.


  • In 2025, Conway has transportation infrastructure that is attractive to prospective employers from a capacity, engineering and aesthetic standpoint.
      The new southern interchange is under construction and improves the marketability of The Meadows Office and Technology Park. Interstate corridor improvements should be continued throughout Faulkner County. Future industrial sites should be planned for concurrently with future highway expansions/improvement.


⇒  Accomplished

⇒  Some progress, but still requires action

⇒  No measurable action taken